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Published on December 10th, 2017 | by Olga Papadopoulou


The Proven Benefits of ISDS and BITs

Kluwer Arbitration Blog

The Proven Benefits of ISDS and BITs –Even for SMEs and Small Claims

Nikos Lavranos (Wöss & Partners)/October 24, 2017

Recently, it was reported that after 14 years since Zimbabwe had illegally evicted Dutch farmers from their farms, it finally agreed to pay the damages awarded under the ICSID award, which dates back in 2009.

In the Funnekotter et al case, the arbitral tribunal rejected Zimbabwe’s necessity defence, which was based on the claimed need to “correct” the inequality between white farmers and black farmers by expropriating white farmers and it ordered Zimbabwe to pay €8.2 million damages plus 10% compounded interest every six months, which means that the award is now worth about €30 million.

In the context of ISDS disputes, this award is a relatively small claim filed by Small and Medium Enterprises (“SMEs”)…


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