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Published on May 21st, 2018 | by Alexandra Katsarou


SUMMARY: French Council of State- No 412957/16 of Mai 2018-Article L. 822-1 of the Code of Administrative Justice

Keywords: Article L. 822-1 of the Code of Administrative Justice- the Court rejected the application submitted by the claimant

No of decision: 412957/16 of Mai 2018

Court: French Council of State

Claimant: M B..A..

Legal Framework:

Article L. 822-1 of the Code of   Administrative Justice

«An appeal to the Council of State constitutes a subject of a prior admission procedure and its admission is rejected by a Court’s decision in case the appeal is inadmissible or not based on important reasons.»

Factual Framework:

The claimant requested that the Administrative Court of Paris condemn the State to pay him the sum of 50.000 euro as a compensation for the damage he believes he suffered from the illegal actions of the police prefect. The Court decided that the State should pay to the claimant a part of this sum. With its decision of 22nd February 2017 the Paris Administrative Court of Appeal reduced the sum to 500 euro. The claimant requested that the Council of State annuls the decision of the Administrative Court of Appeal and charge the State the sum of 3.000 euro. He arguments that the State distorted the file documents and it committed an error of law.


The Court rejected the claimant’s application.

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