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Published on February 6th, 2019 | by Sgouro.Katrachoura


Code essentiel – International and EU Data Protection Law

Larcier Group – Droits de l’Homme et libertés fondamentales, here

Code essentiel – International and EU Data Protection Law

1re édition 2019

Gert Vermeulen, Willem Debeuckelaere



Présentation & Sommaire


First-ever global reference work:  more than 1.700 pages of knowledge in 2 handy volumes

This key reference work provides legal practitioners, authorities, policy makers, companies, scholars and students worldwide and in Europe with an accurate, up-to-date and forward-looking compilation of essential texts on data protection law. It constitutes the first-ever collection of both international and EU hard and soft law in one of fastest growing fields of law around the world.

Comprehensive approach

The spectrum covered is comprehensive, encompassing human rights instruments and data protection-specific instruments, extending into the sphere of government-led surveillance, information and data security, policing and criminal justice, employment and social security, direct marketing, telecom, internet, internet, cybercrime and cybersecurity, taxation and financial account information, health, bioethics and biomedicine, big data or AI.

Broad range of global and regional standards (Volume I)

The international section comprises key international legal instruments from a broad range of both global and regional organisations and networks, including the United Nations (UN), Interpol, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Council of Europe (CoE), the African Union (AU), the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the Ibero-American Data Protection Network (RIPD), and extends to treaties, agreements or transfer mechanisms on other multilateral or even bilateral levels, including the EU-US Privacy Shield and Umbrella Agreement.

Elaborate EU section (Volume II)

In addition to key data protection-specific legislation (such as the GDPR, the Law Enforcement Directive, the new Regulation on the handling of personal data by the EU institutions, the ePrivacy Directive or Commission decisions on standard contractual clauses), the elaborate EU section features subsections for primary legislation and for instruments with data protection-relevance in a series of thematic areas, including: Schengen; Europol; Eurojust and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office; other cooperation in criminal or customs matters; asylum, migration, borders and travel; overarching area of Freedom, Security & Justice issues; cybersecurity, and the internal market, the financial system and taxation. The section also comprises the rules of procedure of relevant data protection or supervisory boards and supervision coordination groups, and even includes the latest versions of pending legislative proposals

Liste des contributeurs

Sous la direction de

  • Willem Debeuckelaere : Président de l’Autorité de protection des données et conseiller à la Cour d’appel de Gand
  • Gert Vermeulen : Professeur titulaire en droit pénal (international et européen) à l’Université de Gand, directeur de l’Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy (IRCP) et membre de l’Autorité de protection des données

Directeurs adjoints

  • Giovanni Buttarelli
  • Joe Cannataci
  • Bruno Gencarelli
  • Sophie Kwasny
  • Mario Oetheimer
  • Jean-Philippe Walter
  • Wojciech Wiewiórowski

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